The journey in my work began with my Grandmother, born of a Cherokee mother, who opened my heart, from the age of five, to the traditions of the “Cherokee Way”. It was then that I began my love for and study of the healing arts, herbal medicine, and the appropriate use of my talents and gifts as a psychic and a channel for healing – a “medicine woman”.

In the years that followed, I continued my studies with many avatars, sages, wise-women and men. I am an Ordained Minister and have studied, practiced and incorporated many different philosophies and/or healing and belief systems into my work – taking from each that which has truly resonated within my heart and is reflected into my work. It has always struck me as humorous that people think of this work as “New Age” when in actuality its roots are firmly planted in the wisdom of the ages, the Ancestors, the Elders and the Ancients.

My work is about Spirituality, Healing and Wholeness. It is about working with individuals, groups and businesses who, like me, are journeying on a path toward Higher Consciousness. It is about working with others who are striving to live and work with commitment, consciousness, passion, creativity and aliveness.

My work is about being of service to those who are journeying through healing on all levels, Body, Mind and Spirit. I do this through Herbal Medicine, through the creation of my Medicine Bags, Dreamcatchers, Shields and through being an Officiant of Sacred Ceremonies, a Spiritual Counselor and Facilitator. Being in this work is my greatest joy! It is the work I am called to do and bringing this work into the world is truly my heart’s desire!