Herbal Medicine

As I was taught by my Elders, I share with you……

After a council of the animals, who in anger about the maltreatment and dishonor shown them by the two-leggeds called man, they brought about illness, sickness and dis-ease to mankind.

The plants made the choice that the balance of Mother Earth must be maintained and they choose that within the plant kingdom the cure for all illness, sickness and dis-ease would be found“……

A Cherokee Teaching


Herbal medicine is perhaps, the oldest healing art known to humankind. Today, it is still the most widely used system of medicine in the world. My introduction to it began as a child with my Grandmother, who drew on her Cherokee teachings for natural, homemade herbal medicines whenever we were ill. I have studied and practiced herbal medicine for most of my life and I hold a Diplomate in Herbal Medicine from the Institute of Natural Therapy.

Herbal medicine is about the use of medicinal plants to aide in one’s healing process as well as to assist in one’s overall well-being. Herbal medicine is truly holistic; taking into account the state of mind, body and spirit of the person seeking help. Many of our modern, synthetically produced pharmaceuticals are based on medicinal properties (the chemical compounds) that were originally found in plants — take for instance Digoxin – also known as digitalis, is a purified cardiac glycoside and extracted from the foxglove plant, Digitalis lanata.

In my practice, I combine the use of herbs in many forms: fresh or dried; tinctures; extracts; salves; tisanes, and aromatherapeutics. Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine and is specifically about the use of the essential oils which come from various plants. In the practice the use of herbs in their various forms, will often by combined with and supported by the use of an essential oil. With few exceptions, oils are used externally; their medicinal properties acting through the skin or inhalation. Herbs can be used both internally and externally depending upon the form.


Perhaps you have a condition or illness for which your desire is for complementary treatment beyond the scope of Western Medicine. Perhaps you are seeking support for your physical well-being as you process through an emotional issue. Perhaps you desire a natural way of taking care of your hair, skin or home. Whatever the reason or issue, herbal medicine can be of great benefit AND I am here to serve.


In your initial visit I will take a complete medical history; including any course of treatment you are presenting undergoing and any medications you are taking. This is a very important part of our work together. Certain pharmaceutical drugs are contra-indicated with certain herbs. I will never recommend that you discontinue any medical treatment that you are undergoing. Rather, my services are available to provide complementary and supportive treatments. We will also discuss your quality of life and your over-all state of well-being. Your initial visit may include a healing. At the end of your visit we will discourse your course of treatment, herbs and/or oils to be used and follow-up visits. I will closely monitor your treatment to ascertain your progress. You are always welcome and advised to call should any adverse reactions or concerns arise.

PLEASE NOTE: I do adhere and comply with Minnesota State Statute 146 which addresses Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners