Sacred Ceremonies

“It is crucial to our personal growth and evolution to reclaim rites of passage as a right and benefit of living our lives to the fullest.”………..Celebrating Life



Throughout our journey in life there are critical experiences, moments, when something truly impactful occurs; a child is born; getting your first home or apartment; getting married or beginning a committed relatedness; or the ending of a relationship. Whatever it is, from that experience onward you are somehow different — you begin a new phase of your journey.




As we begin these new phases or stages in our life’s journey, it is appropriate to gather in celebration or ritual. Indeed, there was a time, in the days of our Elders, when celebration and ritual — rites of passage — were a vital part of a community’s, village’s, or tribe’s life. Today, with our busy lives and hectic schedules, we often overlook the importance of rituals and celebrations. These major passages occur and yet, we are left with a sense of hollowness.




My services, as an Ordained Minister and Lightworker, are available to help you. I am available as an Officiant for your wedding or commitment ceremony; blessing of your home; going home or memorials.


For all celebrations and rituals I will assist with selecting your choice of site, creation of the ritual or celebration, drum if appropriate, selection of other participants and foods to be served, if any. I serve as both facilitator and Priest, bringing to you the beauty, richness and sacredness of rituals that have been performed for hundreds of years. Together we can and will create, in sacredness, a ritual and or celebration appropriate to the occasion.



Nick & Nikki wedding